Activities and Programs with Minors (Policy 1.50) Online Canvas Course

The new Ohio 4-H “Activities and Programs with Minors” (Policy 1.50) online trainings is now available. Geauga 4-H Volunteers must complete this training by April 1st. Please see the directions below. If a volunteer does not have internet access or capabilities, they may come into the Extension Office to complete the course. New Volunteers do not have to complete this online course, as it is part of their new volunteer orientation session in March.

Instructions for accessing “Activities and Programs with Minors” (Policy 1.50) Online Canvas Course

1. Visit the self-registration link(s) below for the required course(s) you need.

Activities and Programs with Minors (Policy 1.50) Training:

2. Fill out the registration form. Name and email addresses are required. It is okay to enter “0” for phone number and zip code. Enter “NA” for title and company.

3. After filling out the registration form, you will receive two emails from Canvas Catalog. One email will ask you to complete your registration, the other will confirm your enrollment in your course(s).

4. After creating your account to complete required training, we encourage you to bookmark the login page at:

5. Upon course completion, save a copy of the certificate (screenshot acceptable) and submit it to the Extension Office by April 1st.


2022 New Advisor Application

The volunteer selection process takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete and must be completed successfully before a volunteer begins to work with the Geauga County 4-H program. Therefore, please plan accordingly and return the application at your earliest convenience so that we may begin the process. To be an approved volunteer for the 2022 4-H year, the entire volunteer selection process must be completed by March 31, 2022.


4-H Volunteer Training Requirements



4-H Club Organizational Lead Advisors will have the option to login in to view their club roster with projects. l receive their log in information to view their 4-H Club members by calling or emailing the Extension Office.


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ohio 4-H planning guide for in-person meetings & events

Effective June 29, 2020



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Volunteer Training Opportunities


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Online Volunteer Training information

Volunteer Trainings

Club Organizational Advisors will be mailed a club list of volunteer training attendance. Volunteers should contact their clubs head advisor to obtain their training status. Volunteers must complete two annuals trainings. New Volunteers must complete two trainings in addition to New Volunteer Orientation. Deadline to complete all trainings is October 1st (all paperwork must be received by the deadline to receive credit).

Online Volunteer Training Opportunities – All trainings must be completed and submitted to the Extension Office by October 1st.

Washington State University e-Learning Course 

This training includes four interactive, self-paced training modules, complete with review: “About 4-H,” “Positive Youth Development,” “Getting Started in 4-H,” and “Leadership and Teaching.” This e-Learning course was created by 4-H professionals from Washington State University and can currently be utilized by Ohio 4-H volunteers. It is a great opportunity for our volunteers to further learn about volunteerism and 4-H. If you would like to complete one of the modules please follow the steps below…..

  1. Go to

               2. Type in your name, state and the password of “volunteer”.

               3. Choose a module and follow directions to take the online quiz. You may print a certificate upon successful      completion of each quiz.

   4. Complete 3 Modules = 1 training Credit

Washington State University Livestock Based Trainings

Disease Prevention Module

The Disease Prevention Module is one of two modules brought to you by Veterinary Medicine Extension. This training module teaches you bio-security practices and how they can be used to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading diseases while raising 4-H livestock. It is a great way to learn disease prevention while providing you with inspiration and teaching ideas so you can bring these concepts to youth in your county!

Quality Assurance Module

Providing safe, wholesome products for consumers through 4-H projects.

The Quality Assurance Module is intended specifically for volunteer leaders and provides training, resources, and ideas to help prepare volunteer leaders to teach youth about quality assurance. This course was created in response to the need expressed by volunteer leaders throughout the state for an interactive on-line resource about quality assurance in 4-H livestock projects.

Housing Environments Module

Providing clean and comfortable environments to optimize livestock health and well being. 

This is the third online training module offered through Veterinary Medicine Extension for 4-H Volunteer Leaders who work with youth livestock projects.

The Housing Environments Module is intended specifically for volunteer leaders and provides training, resources, and ideas to help prepare volunteer leaders to teach youth about livestock housing environments. This course was created in response to increasing concern over livestock health and welfare in this country and emphasizes the importance of optimizing housing environments to ensure 4-H livestock health and well-being in Washington State, while promoting human health and environmental stewardship.

Each module takes approximately 1 hour to complete. To receive credit, watch the module then complete the quiz at the end. Provide the Extension Office with a copy of your quiz score (this may be a screen shot). One module = 1 credit

Learn eXtension – Training Opportunities

Offers a wide variety of educational webinars that can be used to fulfil training requirements. To receive 1 training credit – complete one online webinar (live or previously recorded) and submit to the Extension Office the following:

1.         Name of Webinar

2.         Date Completed

3.         Brief Summary of the webinar and how it will be utilized in your 4-H club


Volunteer Award Nomination Form

Due in the Extension Office by October 1 - A volunteer may only win each award once.

Clover Key Award
The KEY to 4-H growth lies in new, committed, and creative leaders. This award recognizes leaders with service from 1-5 years who have provided outstanding service to 4-H and demonstrated a genuine passion towards 4-H and its ongoing success.

Leadership Development Award
This award recognizes a 4-H volunteer, with 5 or more years of service, who has demonstrated and displayed the ability to develop leadership in youth.

Meritorious Service Award
This award honors an individual who has shown superior dedication to the 4-H program. Volunteers with 10 or more years of service, who have made a special contribution to or impact on the Geauga County 4-H program. The nominee for this award will have influenced the lives of 4-H members in Ohio in a positive way and/or influenced the overall of the 4-H program.

Geauga County 4-H Hall of Fame Award
This award honors an individual who has served in the 4-H program for a minimum of 15 years and had made significant lifetime contributions of service to the 4-H program.


Geauga County 4-H Advisory Committee Application

Open recruitment for committee membership takes place every fall. Interested individuals are invited to apply. Applications must be printed or typed. Applications are due by October 31st and submitted to the Geauga County Extension Office. Selected individuals will be notified in writing.