2024 Project Completion Guidelines


What Projects Can You Take in 4-H?

With over 200 4-H projects to choose from, selecting the right ones can be overwhelming. These resources, along with assistance from the club advisors and the Geauga County Extension Office can help you select the right ones!

Ohio 4-H Project List              https://go.osu.edu/4-hprojects

Ohio 4-H Family Guide           https://ohio4h.org/familyguide

The 4-H Family Guides contains an overview of the Ohio 4-H Program and projects available.

Project Central                       https://ohio4h.org/books-and-resources/project-central

Project Central is an easy way for members to preview 4-H projects and resources.


Miscellaneous/General 4-H Projects

The terms miscellaneous and/or general 4-H project refer to non-animal projects. Project topics include clothing, cooking, gardening, natural resources, leadership, healthy living, and much more. These projects are showcased by participating in general project judging, where the member present their project knowledge to a judge in an interview format. State Fair selection is determined at judging. Refer to the Ohio 4-H Family Guide for project descriptions, skill levels, and State Fair eligibility. General 4-H projects may be taken in any club with club advisor permission.

Livestock Projects

Livestock projects include beef, dairy, goat, poultry, sheep, and swine. Projects can be market or breeding. Completion of these projects can result in exhibition at the Geauga County Jr. Fair.

*To participate in the Ohio State Fair, members must carry the species project they wish to exhibit, even if it is different from their anticipated Jr. Fair exhibition project.

Horse Projects

There is a variety of horse related projects. All projects allow a member to ride and show a horse at the county level, with the exception of the Horseless project. Members wishing to participate at the Ohio State Fair must qualify though PAS shows. Youth must be enrolled in a horse club to take a horse project. Horseless project may be taken in any club with club advisor permission.

Small Animal Projects

Pet rabbits, pocket pets (gerbils, hamsters, mice, and rats), cavy (guinea pigs), and cats.

Dog Projects

Dog projects include obedience, showmanship, agility, performance, and working. The All About Dogs project is for beginner members who may or may not have a dog. Dog projects, except All About Dogs, must be taken under an authorized dog project club.

Shooting Sports Projects

Members learn safety techniques, basic shooting fundamentals, firearm/equipment maintenance, and more. Shooting sports projects are restricted to the County Coyotes 4-H Shooting Sports club. All Coyote Club 4-H volunteers are state certified instructors.


Geauga County 4-H Clubs by Location and Projects

Click on Club's name to find out more information about each club.

(Club location may change throughout the year)







  • Bunny Bunch - Rabbits, Poultry, Cavy and Small Animals
  • Geauga Caprine Kids - Goats, Poultry, Rabbits & Cavies, Swine, Bees and Miscellaneous/General





  • Geauga Livestock Club - Poultry and Sheep
  • Hare Raisers - Rabbits



  • Auburn Dairymen - Dairy Cows and Heifers, but also open to other projects.