Membership Eligibility

Cloverbud Member: Youth ages 5 and in Kindergarten until 8 years old  and in 3rd grade as of January 1st of the current 4-H year.

4-H Member: Youth ages 8 and in the 3rd grade or 9 years old – 18 years old as of January 1st of the current 4-H year.


How does 4-H Work?

4-H Clubs are groups of youth and volunteers who meet on a regular basis. This could be monthly or some other timeframe that works best for the club. Club meetings are youth led, with supported guidance from the volunteers (club Advisors). Meetings give the youth opportunities to complete projects, plan community service activities, and participate in educational opportunities.

Pick your 4-H project(s)

4-H Members choose from a wide range of projects based on their interests. Through these projects, members set goals, learn the skills needed to achieve goals, and exhibit/demonstrate their skills at events like county fair, speaking contests, Ohio State Fair, and other events. There are over 200 4-H projects available in Ohio. Visit Project Central or 4-H Family Guide for project information.

Choose a 4-H Club that suits your needs

Geauga County has 35 4-H clubs located throughout the county. A list, broken down geographically can be found by clicking on this link GEAUGA COUNTY CLUBS. Read over the clubs information and contact the club advisor for meeting information. It is suggested that one new to 4-H selects 2-3 clubs and attend a meeting of each club to determine if that club will meet the needs/desires of your family. Members must declare their club for the year and submit the necessary enrollment forms by April 15th. Members may not switch clubs after the enrollment deadline.

How to enroll into Geauga 4-H - Instructions

4-H Member/Cloverbud Enrollment Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a member join more than one club?

A: Yes, a member can join as many clubs as they wish.

Q: Can a member take any 4-H project in any club?

A: There are some restrictions. Members should find a club that focuses on their project area. For example: if a member wants to take a poultry project, they will need to be enrolled in a livestock club that accepts poultry projects, clothing projects should be taken in a club that accepts textile projects, etc. This is done for many reasons. 4-H Volunteers share their areas of expertise with the youth in their club, if there is no volunteer in a club with the expertise of the project area, the youth member will not be able to receive the guidance necessary to complete their project.

  • All horse projects must be taken in a Horse 4-H Club.
  • Shooting Sports projects must be taken in the Geauga County Coyotes 4-H Club. (State certified instructors are required for all Shooting Sports projects)
  • Miscellaneous Projects (non-livestock) may be taken in any club with the approval of the club volunteer. 

Q: What are the costs of 4-H?

A: This varies depending on project(s) and club.

  • There is no county wide membership fee. However, some clubs require yearly dues (average cost: $5-10/yr).
  • Members may be responsible for purchasing their project books.
  • Members taking animal projects assume a larger financial investment than other projects.

Q: Why should I be interested in 4-H?

A: Because you get to “Learn by Doing” while striving to “Make the Best Better”. Youth participating in 4-H clubs meet new friends that share interests, develop new skills, learn about projects, participate in field trips and events, and engage actively in the community. As a 4-H member, you decide what you want to learn and do as you explore your project – moving at your own pace gives you important skills in setting and working towards goals.

Q: When do I need to join 4-H?

A: Youth can join 4-H at any time. However, to be eligible for events like the Geauga County Fair, State Fair, etc., members must be enrolled in a 4-H club and declare their projects by April 15th of the current year.  If they join after the deadline, the youth can be an Associate Member by completing  the Associate Member Enrollment Form.

Q: Can I join a 4-H group in a different county from where I live?

A:  Yes, you have to fill out the Cross County Line Request Form and it has to be submitted to the 4-H office for approval.  Across County Line Request Form is due by March 15 of the current year.

Across County Lines Policy and Request Form (Fillable)

40 Questions you always wanted answered......

If you have any questions, contact the Geauga County Extension Office.