Returning 4-H Enrollment INSTRUCTIONS AND HELP

Enrollment Deadline is April 15 of the current year

You must be enrolled in a 4-H Club and select your 4-H projects by the deadline date to be eligible for exhibition at the Geauga County Junior Fair. 



Existing Family Profile

To Access your EXISTING family profile click on this link: If link does not work on your server, copy and paste it into the address bar.

Adding a Member to the Family Profile

New Member Enrollment Form


Returning Members:

4-H online profiles are family-based, which means every family creates a “master” profile for each family member involved in Ohio 4-H. A family profile may contain both youth and adults. Returning members will already have a family profile in the 4H Online system.  Use your family email and phone from the previous enrollment.  If you do not remember or if your email and phone have changed, please contact the Extension office before signing into the system with your updated information.

Youth family members (ages 5-18 as of January 1)

•Youth ages 5-7 can enroll in the 4-H Cloverbud program
•Youth ages 8-18 can enroll in the 4-H program
•Adults who have been screened and certified as Ohio 4-H Volunteers can re-enroll
Not every Family profile will contain all the above listed types of members. Some profiles may contain only youth members, while others will have only adults. Some profiles will have both. Once a family profile is created, it will exist for as long as members of that profile are involved in the 4-H program. New members may be added to the family profile at any time and members who are no longer involved in 4-H may be archived.

If someone in your family was involved in Ohio 4-H from 2015-Sept 2020, you likely already have a family profile in 4-H online. Use your existing email and password to access your family profile in the NEW 4-H online platform. If you need assistance accessing your existing family profile, review the steps in this guide. If necessary, contact the OSU Extension- Geauga County office at 440-834-4656 for assistance.

To Access your EXISTING family profile click on this link: