Erik Draper, Extension Educator, Commercial Horticulture *** The word "horticulture" is derived from two Latin words hortus- meaning "garden" and cultivare- meaning "to till or to care for"; therefore, horticulture literally means taking care of garden crops. Specifically, it is the science, art or practice of nurturing plants from the garden or which are pleasing to the eye. This includes tree fruits and small fruits, vegetables, flowers, landscape trees and shrubs, as well as other ornamental plants. ***** As a horticulturist, Erik Draper is extensively involved in total plant diagnostics and phytoforensics. In other words, it is the peculiar application of science, observation and expertise to accurately ferret out the cause of plant health problems and death. This often consists of insect and disease identification, evaluation of environmental factors, in addition to detecting many plant, people and growing site interactions.



Vegetable Problems

Late Blight on Tomatos

Tomato Leaf Mold

Downy Mildew