Geauga County Master Gardener Volunteers


Class held at the Geauga County OSU Extension Office, Patterson Center (at the north end of the Burton Fairgrounds), 14269 Claridon-Troy Road.

Pre-Registration and Payment is required.  Please call 440-834-4656 to register. Mail checks, payable to OSU Extension to: PO Box 387, Burton, OH 44021.

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Gardening 101 Series Part 1: Site Selection and Preparation    Feb. 24th    10 a.m. - Noon      Free

Are you thinking about starting a vegetable garden or moving your existing garden to another location? In this session, MGV, Charlie Stevens will discuss the basic considerations of site selection, soil testing, preparation, and common pitfalls to avoid when starting a garden. Charlie Stevens, owner of The Farm at Dreamer’s Estates, offers flowers, baskets, and produce from the greenhouse and gardens at their farm stand and Geauga Fresh Farmers Market. Register for all four sessions or one at a time. 

Composting and Vermiculture      Mar. 20th      6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.      Free

Composting is an easy, economic, and essential practice to convert organic waste from your kitchen and yard into nutrient-rich soil. Join Geauga County Master Gardeners and Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District to learn composting basics and benefits, and a step beyond with vermicomposting. We will also discuss how to avoid common composting problems. Participants will have the chance to win a free kitchen compost pail! 

Gardening 101 Series Part 2: Seed Selection and Planting Plan    Mar. 23rd    10 a.m. - Noon      Free

You’re working on getting your garden site ready, it’s time to make your seed, plant selection, and planting plan. Selecting your own seeds is exciting. Growing the food your family enjoys is fulfilling. MGV, Kelly Morgan will cover the basics of selecting and starting your own seeds, what works best directly planted in your garden, and when to start planting. Kelly is an avid native flower and vegetable gardener, and a beekeeper who loves sharing her interests and experiences with gardening. 

Common Yard and Garden Weeds    Apr. 6th    10 a.m. - Noon      Free

Now that spring has sprung those pesky weeds will be popping up in your gardens and yards. However, you are determined to battle the unwanted weeds. MGV and botanist, Judy Barnhart will help you determine what weeds you have. Several families are notorious for becoming aggressive, noxious or even invasive, learn the differences. An ID matching activity will be included. 

Minimizing Landscape Maintenance    Apr. 24th    6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.      Free

As a landscape designer MGV, Phyllis Mihalik’s most frequent request from her customers is, “ I want low maintenance”. Phyllis will share with you the principles she follows to create landscapes that are both beautiful and very low maintenance. She will cover not only new landscapes but also your existing gardens. Enjoy looking at your garden not toiling in it! 

Create a Living Herb Fairy Garden    Apr. 27th    10 a.m. - Noon      $30

Join MGV, Dee Toban and learn the basics of creating a living herb fairy garden. Bring a child and make one together! All you need to bring is a belief in fairies who make dreams come true! You will be supplied with a container, potting mix, plants or flowers, pea gravel, pebbles, twigs, and crafting supplies. If you participated in last years class - come again for a new project! Paid registration required by April 15, 2024, to hold your spot. No refunds after April 15, 2024. 

Gardening 101 Series Part 3: Working & Maintaining the Garden    May 4th    10 a.m. - Noon      Free

So you’ve planted your garden, now what? MGV, Karen Wright will guide you to make smart choices early to minimize maintenance down the road. We’ll cover watering, mulching, weeding, and disease and pest management to keep your plants healthy all season. Karen grows on two acres (@hazelhedgeohio) and offers seasonal roadside produce sales focusing on native fruits and nuts. 

Container Gardening - Think Outside the Pot    May 18th   10 a.m. - Noon      Free

Garden containers can come in all shapes and sizes. Join MGV, Kathie Bottger for creative ideas that will add whimsy, beauty and function to your garden. Get instructions, demos for planting, suggested plant varieties, design and color combinations. Learn how to keep your creations blooming throughout the entire season. See how re-purposed items even pallets and other containers become garden art. Whether you want to limit your gardening and weeding time, or add new touches of color to your garden, this is the class for you.

Gardening 101 Series Part 4: Harvesting and Preserving your Bounty   Jul. 27th    10 a.m. - Noon      Free

Now that your garden is growing, when is it time to harvest your bounty and preserve it for the long winter months? MGVs Mirko Antloga and Deb Miller will cover the when and how of determining when your vegetable or fruit is at optimum ripeness. Once your bounty is picked learn how you preserve its flavor qualities, and nutritious value for both short- and long-term storage. Mirko Antloga’s and Deb Miller’s interests include cultivating native plants for meadow, prairie, forest and wetland restoration, and vegetable gardens. Follow up with the Fun with Food and Fermentation class on Sep. 21st!

The Great Geauga County Fair      Aug. 29th - Sep. 2nd      10 a.m. -10 p.m.

Visit the Geauga County MGVs at their booth in the Agriculture Building #9. MGV’s are available to answer any questions while you visit an interactive gardening inspired exhibit.

Fun with Food and Fermentation    Sep. 21st    10 a.m. - Noon      Free

This class will cover the how-to fundamentals of fermentation. Join MGVs Dick Coin and Mirko Antloga and learn how to make sauerkraut, kimchi, soda pop, hard cider, kombucha, beer and wine from scratch using your own equipment and supplies, or from all included “DO-IT YOURSELF” kits. Learn the different types of fermentation (lactic acid, ethanol and vinegar), the procedures, the equipment needed and where to obtain ingredients and equipment. Distillation will also be discussed. This is a fun, hands on learning and sharing experience. Unfortunately, we won’t be allowed to share any edible products, but we will share experiences and the knowledge of how to make beverages and other foods you can enjoy and share with friends and relatives. 

There is More to Planting a Tree Than Just Digging a Hole!    Oct. 5th    10 a.m. - Noon      Free

Join MGVs Mirko Antloga and Deb Miller for an in depth look at picking a tree or trees, site selection, soil testing, site preparation, planting procedure and required future care and maintenance for optimum success. Included will also be a discussion on which trees and companion plantings will enhance the biodiversity of your property. 

Holiday Craft Workshop    Dec. 7th    9:30 a.m. - Noon      $40

Get a head start for the holiday season! Artist Shelly Kaman and MGVs will guide you in creating your own beautiful and long lasting holiday decoration. Fresh mixed fragrant evergreens will be provided along with pine cones, ribbons, berries, and more decorative items for your choosing. All materials and tools will be provided. Bring a friend and enjoy the holiday fun together. Class size is limited to the first 25 paid registrants. Registration and payment is required by Nov. 23rd, 2024, to hold your spot. No refunds after Nov. 23, 2024. 


Each class will be held at the Geauga County Extension Office, Patterson Center (at the north-west end of the Burton Fairgrounds), 14269 Claridon-Troy Road. While walk-ins are welcome, we appreciate advance registration.

Please call for more information and registration at 440-834-4656.

Mail checks, payable to OSU Extension, to: PO Box 387, Burton, OH 44021.

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